Laos peace charm pendant

Laos peace charm pendant

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This pendant is made using charms purchased in Laos, made from discarded, deactivated bombs or shrapnel from bombs dropped on Laos during the war.

The Laos people are resourceful and resilient; they use these materials to create new items they can sell to make a living.

The spoon charm signifies the first item the Laos people started making with these materials before jewellery; spoons! They quickly started making spoon charms to add to jewellery, proudly telling people the story of how they innovated bomb materials into useful, and now fashionable items.

I've had the pleasure of travelling to Laos several times, and I always shop at local markets which often sell these charms to tourists.

These charms will get shinier with wear and last forever. I have hung them on a fine sterling silver chain which measures approximately 55cm end-to-end.

This is a one-off piece.