What does sterling silver and gold FILLED mean?

I use sterling silver-filled and gold-filled materials in my jewellery. And when I can’t get sterling silver-filled I use solid sterling silver.

So what on earth does ‘FILLED’ mean, if it’s not solid?! 

I was initially confused too. But then I researched and found out all the benefits and decided it was right for me, my brand, my customers, and my price point.

‘Filled’ does not mean solid. It means the core of the wire or chain is filled with a different metal like copper or brass. Then the outside is heavily coated in the real deal. So think of gold and silver plating, but much stronger. It is ‘plated’ with many more layers or a much thicker coating of the gold or silver.

Some jewellery made with gold and silver plated materials can flake or wear off. With plating it still depends on the quality and the brand; I’m not saying avoid all plated jewellery by any stretch of the imagination. It’s just that you don’t get any flaking with gold and silver-filled materials as it so heavily dipped in the gold or silver. I don’t like to risk quality or search forever for the right plated materials. So filled is the way to go for me.

For me, the benefits are:

  • Incredible quality real gold and silver jewellery which is tarnish resistant like solid gold and silver
  • Has the same bright gold and silver finish due to being heavily dipped in the real deal
  • The gold and silver won’t flake or wear off the core
  • It is suitable for sensitive skin, although please remember everyone is different. Email me first if you have a specific allergy
  • It can be bent and plied which is what I need for my wire-wrapped pieces
  • It is
  • It is lightweight
  • It is durable
  • It is long-lasting

Why do I substitute sterling silver-filled with solid sterling silver, but didn’t mention solid gold?

Because gold-filled has been around a lot longer than sterling silver-filled. I believe demand will grow for sterling silver-filled and the options will increase. For now, I can get majority of silver-filled elements most of the time. When I can’t, I just get the solid stuff.

I haven’t had any problems getting gold-filled elements and I won’t use gold-plated.

You can rest-assured the silver materials I use are real .925 sterling silver-filled. And the suppliers I use offer anywhere between 10-14k gold-filled. I of course use 14k where possible! Although it doesn’t affect the thickness of the fill, only the k’s.

While the ear hooks I use state they are hypoallergenic, if you have a specific metal allergy I suggest you email me about which piece you are looking at getting. As I use different suppliers for different things. For example, I use one supplier for ear hooks and a different supplier for chain. I don’t like to claim things like ‘hypoallergenic’ even if my supplier says it. Because I know allergies can be very serious and since I use multiple suppliers, it would be better to email me for more specific information about the elements in your piece.

If you take care of your fine gold and silver-filled pieces from me, they can last a lifetime. I have care instructions which I recommend following not just for my jewellery, but all your jewellery. Take care of it and it will last.